Making Paws Matter

Our approach to rehabilitation is unique and aims to optimise recovery for your dog or small animal after injury, surgery or improve the effects of general old age. We want to promote good health and well being, because we genuinely care about your best friend and their quality of life. We pride ourselves on delivering an outstanding service personally tailored to you and your dog or small animal to deliver the best results possible.

The facilities at Willow's

We believe that every dog is entitled to the best treatment and care available and we will provide a treatment package delivered to you by experienced and qualified professionals. We are dedicated to helping your dog live a full, happy and functioning life, leaving you both to do the activities you love sharing together. Our approach to rehabilitation aims to optimise recovery after injury or surgery, promote good health and well being, prevent movement problems occurring and improve performance in the working the canine athlete.

Our Registration Process

Our registration process is straight forward, simply download the Veterinary Consent form and ask your Veterinary Surgeon to complete the necessary details and return the form to us, We will then contact you to arrange an assessment/consultation. If you are unsure whether your dog is suitable please contact us directly to discuss your dogs injury or condition. How To Register

What we offer at Willow’s Hydrotherapy.

At Willow’s Hydrotherapy, we offer a wide range of rehabilitation treatments and techniques to help relieve your dogs pain as well as provide safe exercise in our heated pool. The treatments provide pain relief and improved blood circulation that helps to relax the muscles and decrease stiffness in your dogs joints.

Some of the services offered by Willow’s are:

  • Aquatic and Land Based Therapies
  • Therapeutic Handling and Movement Shaping
  • Tailored Rehabilitation Programs
  • Pain Management Strategies
  • Weight Loss Clinics
  • Performance Enhancing for the Canine Athlete
  • Plus much more.

Our professional, friendly and caring team features specialised Aquatic-Therapists (Qualified up to a Level 5 Diploma) that are ready to answer any questions or queries that you may have to develop a treatment that meets your dogs needs.

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