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by Amy & Paul Steeden-Smith on Willow's Hydrotherapy
Carly is kind, lovely and has been wonderful in helping our westie following her operation

I would highly recommend Willow's hydrotherapy-our Dog poppy underwent a patella operation 30th September this year, following which she was restricted within her movement- which left her frustrated. We commenced going to hydrotherapy around 1 month post op and have found that each week, we notice she is becoming more and more mobile- Carly is fabulous and always provides strategies for us to try during the week to continue with Poppy's rehabilitation. She is now able to walk and run, going on daily walks again- the vets have discharged her, and said that they were amazed at her recovery process and that this was down to her hydrotherapy sessions.

Highly recommend

I have an 8 year old crossbreed who has had Cruciate surgery on one leg and torn the ligaments in the other a few months ago. Since then he has never really walked 'right' and was always stiff and not keen on exercise. My little dog has so far had 8 sessions and I am amazed at the difference! He is walking much straighter, no longer stiff in the morning and he is even getting excited about going out for walks. I can not thank Carly enough, she is professional, knowledgable and you can tell she loves her job. My little scruff ball is so much happier, Amanda & Bobby

Massage seninar

Great day at a massage seminar. Loaded with lots of great information to help with my dog, Bella. She also had a great time being practiced on ???. One very relaxed and chilled golden retriver. The day was filled with lots of helpful information, oh and fun. A big thank you and I am waiting to enrol on the nutrition seminar, please. Great day, thanks again x

by Kathleen on Willow's Hydrotherapy
Great Place & Lovely Staff

You have done an amazing job with Poppy! Carly is really good and never phased by Poppy's sometimes bad behaviour, Poppy really enjoys her therapy sessions and is always like a puppy for days after! Her movement is so much better since first starting and she is no longer as stiff in the mornings like she used to be! I wish I had started this years ago with her! I would not Hesitate in recommending Willow's Hydrotherapy to anyone.


I love bringing my dog here, she has no health issues she goes purely for fun and to help keep her in good shape. Her fitness has improved a lot over the 6 months we have been coming and she is really well muscled now too. Roxy is in great condition and she gets really excited when she realises we are on our way to 'swimming'. Thank you to the team at Willow's for an excellent service!

Loved it, can not wait to go again!

I took my Lab X here for the first time yesterday. I wasn't really sure what to expect at first but as soon as i arrived i was made to feel at ease, Carly made such a fuss of Duke, he settled within minutes and after only 10 minutes she had really gained his trust! Duke was loving all the attention! He was a little unsure of the pool at first but he soon got the hang of it and really started to enjoy himself! He loved chasing the ball up and down the pool. I had one very sleepy dog last night! We have booked to go again in a couple of weeks and I am really looking forward to it. Thanks for such a lovely swim and for looking after us both

by Dave & Emma on Willow's Hydrotherapy
Great Place

We took our dog here last weekend for the first time just for a fun swim and he loved it!! The staff were lovely and you could tell how much they cared, really attentive and patient. True dog lovers!

Highly recommend

A lovely place with lovely staff who really do care about your pet. My Benny loves Carly and she is fantastic with him!! Benny suffers from arthritis and last year he was really struggling, he could no longer run and play with other dogs, which he loved to do! He has been going to Willow's for Hydrotherapy for about 6 months now and he has come on leaps and bounds, he can even play with the other dogs again!! I cannot thank Carly enough for what she has done and am sure Benny is very grateful too!

by Dave Barnes on Willow's Hydrotherapy
So good we keep going back!

We've been taking our dogs to Willows since it first opened - 12 months ago. We used to take our two Labradors to another hydrotherapy centre, following one of them having had intermittent lameness, where they just swam up and down a pool for 3 months of 'treatment'. Not feeling we were getting our money's worth, we went to Willows to help maintain their fitness, but were immediately impressed with the way Carly gave us feedback on the dogs. Our youngest (Dyson) tended to swim using mainly his front legs whereas Diesel had developed a three-legged swimming style - neither of which had been picked up during the 3 months at the 'other' centre. Carly immediately started doing exercises to get them working all limbs equally. Although we go to hydrotherapy now for prevention rather than treatment, since starting at Willows neither dog has shown any lameness.

Carly and Gail have always been fantastic with the dogs and are always giving us feedback on how the dogs are moving. Because they are in close contact with the dog during hydrotherapy sessions, they are able to identify musculoskeletal issues before they develop fully and can then treat them accordingly - saving expensive vet visits! We can really see the difference between having the dogs 'swim up and down a pool' and having proper hydrotherapy.

by Georgina Bearman on Willow's Hydrotherapy
Awesome place, Awesome people

Carley, Ruby and Gail have all been instrumental in helping my cross bred labrador, Sasha, cope with arthritic hips and elbow joints. Sasha now maintains a level of muscle fitness that means she can cope with the arthritis without fear her muscles will waste away. This means less reliance on drugs as she continues into her old age. She loves the sessions and Carley and her team. I can't recommend them highly enough. Thanks to all concerned. If you haven't been yet, Go!!

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