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The hydrotherapy and aquatic treatments we specialise in include a range of aquatic exercises using heated water: This includes motor sequence patterning, core stabilisation work, proprioceptive techniques, therapeutic shaping and handling which enables your dog to actively want to wok with us to maximise the results of the treatment.

Our heated hydrotherapy pool allows your dog to be weight free, meaning movement is achieved much more freely, making it an ideal environment for rehabilitation treatments to be applied safely and effectively.

An overview of some of the main benefits hydrotherapy and aquatic treatments can provide:

  • Relief from pain, swelling and stiffness

  • Improved core stability

  • Cardiovascular fitness (heart and lungs)

  • Muscle strengthening, maintenance & restoration

  • Increased range of motion in joints

  • Improved function

  • Improved circulation

  • Promotion of relaxation