Hydrotherapy can help many dogs suffering from a variety of conditions, If you are unsure whether your dog or small animal would benefit from our therapies please contact us directly so we can assist you further and discuss treatment options and outcomes.

  • Trauma-related injuries to muscle, tendon, ligament, skin and bone
  • Functional problems in dogs of any age or breed
  • Back and neck pain
  • Reduced function, stiffness and muscle weakness in elderly animals
  • Obesity and weight related issues
  • Neurological problems (Intervertebral disc disease – IVDD, Chronic degenerative radiculomyothy – CDRM, Fibrocartilaginous embolism – FCE, Lumbosacral disease etc.)
  • Pre and post orthopedic surgery (Cranial cruciate repair, tibial osteotomies, femoral head and neck excision – FHNE, total hip replacements – THE, etc.)
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