The first time you visit Willow’s for your assessment/consultation we will go through your veterinary referral form and discuss your dog’s history, condition/ injuries, character and behaviours, in a bid to understand them as best as possible. We will allow your dog time to adjust and gain our trust to get them actively wanting to work for us, setting them up for future success, we give them choices and options and always reward them when they make the right choice.

We will do a health check, record muscle mass and tone, record gait analysis and weigh your dog. We will discuss various treatment options and outcomes and gain an understanding of what you wish to achieve. We will then devise a treatment programme personally tailored to you and your dogs needs and goals

We will then introduce your dog to all the new equipment and let them familiarise themselves in the pool room. Whilst most dogs go in the pool on the first visit it is important to note that on some occasions it is decided against, this will depend on a number of contributing factors, all of which will be discussed with you on the day.

  • Every dog will be treated by a qualified therapist at all times
  • Every dog is provided with an individually tailored treatment program
  • Payment will be required before the start of each session
  • Pet insurance – many insurance companies will cover the cost of hydrotherapy treatment. However please do check with your insurance company direct
  • All patients will need a veterinary referral form before attending any treatment sessions
  • Please ensure your dog has emptied its bowels before entering the centre. Do not feed your dog two hours before, or after the hydrotherapy session.

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